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Over 15 years teaching piano, three of them with autistic students, I have developed this fun, effective, and flexible curriculum. Autistic students require a different approach from "typical learners." Page layout is uncluttered, elements broken into smallest components, and all materials are as clear and precise as possible. At the same time, we nurture creativity through playing by ear and CHORDS. This allows students to choose their own songs, in their unique style.

This is an evolving work. I want to partner with YOU. Please contact me and we can come up with a strategy to help you achieve musical success!

Alex Citron

Services Available:

Printed curriculum materials, support and consultation WORLDWIDE

Private Lessons with Eastman and Oberlin trained instructor;

LIVE Online by webcam


The approach at its best:

  • Playing by ear avoids the confusion of note reading
  • Chords create a full sound right away
  • Sub-concepts: Each idea broken into the smallest components
  • Teacher optional: Step-by-step materials for parents to use at home.

"[Alex's] "Piano by Ear" technique has given our son the opportunity to learn the piano in a way that makes sense for him at his own pace."

"Not only does Nick enjoy playing the piano, it seems to have a way of calming him and holding his interest for long periods of time."

Playing by ear with chords is one of the most effective ways for anyone to develop two-handed coordination quickly. For those on the autism spectrum, playing by ear is ideal because traditional reading presents far too many stimuli and causes confusion. Melodies learned by patterns, combined with simple convenient chords, allow free expression and rapid learning.